The East Orange Unified Marching Band
Benefit Concert

"Music Under the Stars"

The concert was produced by the Band Parent Association of The East Orange Unified Marching Band. It was held at Cicely Tyson Community School of Performing and Fine Arts outdoors in the amphitheatre. Here are some backstage scenes of our Band Parents hard at work. No, really!

Taking Tickets and strapping on wrist bands are (Left to Right): Kassina McClain, Sophia Fullwood, Jackie Bourne.

Some of the heavy lifters. Left to right: Tisha Wiley, Craig Jarrett, Leon Mantle

Photo by Al-Quadir Marsh

Mr. Goode had a severe case of laryngitis that evening, so our comentator was Cass, of Main Stream Modeling Network, who did an excellent job not only as Master of Ceremonies, but also as the "unofficial chief fundraiser" during intermission time.

Photo by Al-Quadir Marsh

The opening group was "Melodies of Praise," with their gospel jazz music that got the crowd clapping and stomping from the very start.

Melodies of Praise

Deacon Sam Mixon, Leader and Trombone
Darien Jackson, Run man — Jaquis Jones, Tenor Run man
Lamont Collins, Drummer — Joshua Price, Cymbals
A.J. Ralph, Baritone — Elder Jay Okon, 3rd Trombone
Willie Perry, Run man — Corey Witherspoon, Sousaphone

Photo by Al-Quadir Marsh

Please keep in mind that the videos contain edited excerpts of the actual concert, which was too long to include under the YouTube time restrictions..

Also Available on YouTube

Then The East Orange Unified Marching Band took center stage to play selections of "old school" music from the 70's, 80's and 90's.

Photo by Al-Quadir Marsh

This part of the concert was also much too long to condense to YouTube videos, so we selected a couple of excerpts from Part 1 and you can get an idea of some of the music the audience heard and enjoyed.

Also available on YouTube

During the intermission, more donations were collected from the audience, raising an additional $600 for the Fund.

Our photographer, Al-Quadir Marsh, changed into his alter-ego Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki, and he and Wiz Kid Ee-Gee-Fiki made balloon hats and animals for all the kids in the audience.

Backstage, during intermission, Mr. Goode gave a "pep-talk" to the band, entirely in whispers. He had severe laryngitis from the previous day and could not speak in his usual "teacher voice." The band understood and were absolutely silent during his talk to them, which for them is a rarity.

After the Intermission, Melodies of Praise came back to open the second half of the concert with a Reprise of their Gospel Jazz Music. This video contains just an excerpt.

Also available on YouTube

By this time, the sun had set and the only light came from the parking lot lights and other ground lights around the property. Mr. Goode directed the band with a light stick as a baton.

Photo by Al-Quadir Marsh

The Second Half of the video of East Orange Unified Marching Band's portion is split into two parts to comply with YouTube's ten minute limitation. Here, then, is Part 2-A and Part 2-B.

Part 2-A also available on YouTube.

Photo by Al-Quadir Marsh

Part 2-B introduced the Band's dancers, who performed to the music.

Part 2-B also available on YouTube.

East Orange Unified Marching Band

Staff: Directed by Frederick Goode; Associate Band Director: Mr. Lyons
Percussion Instructors: Mr. Franklin, Mr. Shepherd, Mr. Jarrett
Trombone Instructor: Nadjla Lindsay

Flutes and Piccolo: Davette Mckoy, Allan Theodore, Brielle Wiley, Adulfulyne Padmore, Femon Padmore, Makeda Morgan
Clarinets: Bria Douglas, Valerie Potts, Elijah Goode, Natalie Tomlinson
Saxophones: Michael Gray, Bianca Warren, Jonathan Jett, Jihad Dinnegal, Adnett Tomlinson, Cierra Breedlove, Jonathan
Trumpets: Kahlil Welch, Neil Davis, Jessie Ancion, Deshaun Hinson, Ajani Pierre
Mellophones: Lloyd Tomlinson, Gleny Bravo, Danielle Stevens
Trombones: Symad Boyd, Sasha Kay, Leroy Mathison, Yakeem Lee, Salomon Pierre, Albert Petifere
Baritone: Brandon Mantle
Tubas/ Sousaphones: Denzel Thompson, Darian Bravo, Shaquel Peters
Drums: David Friday, Julian Boone, Destiny Rodriguez, Keron Bourne, Kason McClain, Jannelle Jacobs, Kaimaya Cuffee, Harquan Williams, Isaac Davis, Tamien Little, Randolph Simmons, Tyrelle Jenkins, Jeremiah Grant, Samuel Pierre, Jonathan Richards, David Fullwood, Chelsea Lewis, Rashawn Williams, Arthur Debose
Dancers: Janayla Montes, Kira Thomas, Donjea Wheeler, Janaisha Grant, Terrina Turner
Flag Twirlers: Antonia Gray, Kerrianne Wallace, Safiya Forde, Suen Brown, Sophia Hinson

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