Lincoln University Auditions

Lincoln University (LU), founded in 1854, is the United States' first degree-granting historically black university. It is located near the town of Oxford in southern Chester County, Pennsylvania. In 2006, Lincoln University formed its first marching band unit. Because the marching band is relatively new for the University, its director, Professor H. Wade Johnson travels to high schools looking for talented musicians who qualify for scholarships. On April 22, he came to Cicely Tyson school and met with our students. We were in the middle of a rehearsal for the Walk-a-Thon Parade from Orange Park, but stopped so the students could take advantage of this opportunity to audition for Lincoln University.

Cicely Tyson students auditioned for music scholarships to Lincoln University directly for Band Director Professor H. Wade Johnson. Professor Johnson was accompanied by members of the Lincoln University marching band, known as The Orange Crush.

Professor Johnson also directs a Jazz Band at the University, and during the auditions, he formed an improvised jazz combo with students of both Lincoln and Tyson.

The auditions were held in the band room at Cicely Tyson School, which was a new experience for our students who usually have to travel to the colleges in which they are interested for such auditions. In this case, the Lincoln University auditions came to them.

Professor Johnson also gave a little demonstration of his skills as a musician by playing a trumpet and a flugelhorn simultaneously.

Students then auditioned individually for Professor Johnson in a music practice room. Here Davette McCoy is giving an audition of her flute playing skills. Although she had already applied for another college, she decided that it couldn't hurt to have several colleges competing for her talents and make her final choice later.

Saxophone auditions were held in the Band Uniform Storage room by a member of The Orange Crush band. Our students could see that they would also be more than mere instrumentalists at Lincoln University, but would also participate in leadership roles such as giving auditions to prospective new students. Above, Cierra Breedlove shows what she has learned at Cicely Tyson.

Drum Major and Woodwind Section Leader Bria Douglas had her audition interview with Professor Johnson. The Professor was interested in more than just music, because students also have to be able to qualify academically for the University.

Our jazz trumpeter, Khalil Welch, enjoys talking music with the Lincoln University Professor Johnson and his students.

The band had been rehearsing since 4:00 PM, and the auditions lasted until 10:00 PM, so it was a very long day for all of us.

Our drum section leader and harpist, David Friday arrived too late to make the auditions, but he will submit his application to Lincoln University by mail, along with a video made of his performances for their admissions consideration.

Photos by Frederick Goode; Text by Jim Gerrish

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