UniverSoul Circus at Cicely Tyson School

The UniverSoul Circus , a single ring circus based in Atlanta, Georgia, and founded in 1994 by Cedric Walker, currently containing 75 performers and twelve acts, came to Cicely Tyson School on Wednesday, June 9th, to perform a small portion of their full scale circus show to over 1,400 excited students from the Middle School and Elementary School in two separate performances.

Mr. Frederick Goode directed The East Orange Unified Marching Band to open both of the shows. The band played while the auditorium was filling up with students. On Thursday evening (6/10/10) at 7:30 PM, the Cicely Tyson Middle School Choir led by Ms Jean James will be opening the UniverSoul Circus Show across from Bear Stadium in Newark.

Here is a little example of what the band played:

This video is also available on YouTube.

In attendance at the Cicely Tyson School show were Mayor Robert L. Bowser, Vice President of the Board Everet Jennings, and other city and school officials. They seemed to enjoy the circus as much as the children.

The show was opened by M.C. Lucky and a clown act performed by Onion Head the Clown. All I will reveal is that it involved lots of audience participation and several rolls of toilet paper, and had everyone rolling with laughter before it was over.

A troupe of acrobats called the Javanese Warriors, faces painted African style, performed next. They formed tall towers with their bodies, tumbled, danced and climbed. It's difficult to describe, but it was wonderful to watch.

The next two performers, Double Dribble and Above the Rim, were from Belgium and Holland. They performed with basketballs in what was called "acrodunking."

A troupe from China, known as the Chinese Checkers, performed a beautiful dance act with drums, tambourines and silk scarves.

An act called the "African Dream Team" consists of acrobats from Gabon and Guinea performing various acrobatic stunts, and then flying high from a Teterboard. I'd feel bad about showing you just this one photo, except that we also have a bit of their flying feet captured on video.

This video is also available on YouTube

At the end, all the performers came out for a curtain call, and stayed for some questions from the audience. They also wanted to remind everyone that the UniverSoul Circus will be in Newark until June 19th, and from what we have seen from just these four acts, the full show is sure to be a hit. For Tickets, CLICK HERE.

More UniverSoul Circus Video Clips are HERE.

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