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Auditions - 5/11/11

At 11:00 today Mr. Randolph J. Johnson Director of Band at DSU auditioned Lloyd Tomlinson, Denzel Thompson, Bria Douglas, Janelle Jacobs, and Tyshaun Khayyam from the Cicely Tyson High School Senior Class to consider them for scholarships to Delaware State University in Dover, DE. He was there at the invitation of Unified Marching Band Director Frederick Goode, so he also got to see the entire band in rehearsal to possibly return next year for more of our students.

L-R foreground : Leandrea, Anthony, India, Paula Smith, and Marlon. Background L-R: Momma Johnson and Kevin.

Members of the Orange High School Marching Band also auditioned at Cicely Tyson, by invitation of Mr. Goode. Their former Band Director, Mrs. Paula Smith, visited the school to reunite with her former students to give one last lesson and see them through the auditions. When her former Band students heard through Mr. Goode that Delaware State would be auditioning at Cicely Tyson, they called their former band director and made a way for themselves to be a part of the audition. Hearing that there might be a problem at Orange High, both Mrs. Smith and Mr. Goode worked to insure that these students did not miss the opportunity. Putting their differences aside, both rival bands worked side by side to audition for scholarships at DSU.

Orange High Alumni and Band members listen in the background, as Mr. Johnson describes the DSU music program to the students in the Unified Marching Band. Also in the background at the far left is Syreeta Thompson, Assistant Band Director, who had been working with the students prior to the performance they gave Mr. Johnson.

Special thanks to the Band Staff and the Administration for their support of our Band Audition Day. At the far left is Ms. Tyler, a teacher, Dr. Cowan, the principal of Cicely Tyson, and Syreeta Thompson, Assistant Band Director looking on as Mr. Johnson talked to our students about the importance of attending and finishing college. Then it was time for individual auditions.

Denzel Thompson auditions on the Tuba, but he also has skills as a music arranger which was of great interest to his auditioner, Khalif Vardross. Khalif is currently a senior at DSU, and also a former student of Orange High School.

Although Bria Douglas is the Marching Band's Drum Major, her instrument is clarinet and it was on her musicianship on that instrument that her audition depended.

Our visitors from Orange High School also got a chance to audition. If Mr. Goode had not reached out to them, they might have missed this opportunity because their own high school band has lost interest in them as musicians, but some of them went home with promises of scholarships from this audition.

This curious audition on-looker is still in Junior High School, but it is good for the younger students and members of the band to know what opportunities await them as seniors at Cicely Tyson.

L-R: Mr. Randolph J. Johnson, DSU Band Director, Khalif Vardross DSU band member, Mr. Frederick Goode - East Orange Unified Marching Band Director.

Our special thanks to Mr. Johnson and his assistant, Khalif Vardross, who conducted the auditions and filled our students with dreams of their futures. Several of our students and those from Orange High were awarded full and partial scholarships to Delaware State University as a result of this very successful Audition Day.

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