Family Photos

Jim and his sousaphone, and Orange High School Band Uniform, c. 1959

Family Outing/Reunion at Blue Lake, NY

LR: Seated in front - Mary Gerrish, John O. Gerrish, Matthew Gerrish, Claire S. Gerrish, Elizabeth Gerrish.

Standing in back: John B. Gerrish, Sandy Gerrish, Deborah Gerrish, Michael Ryan (baby), Cathy Ryan, Bill Ryan, Jim Gerrish, Phillip Gerrish.

Who's the leader of the band? Why it's Fred Goode (Jim's son and Pop's grandson). Fred joined the East Orange, NJ, Clifford J. Scott High School Band in (1993?) and almost immediately became the drum major. He's been leading East Orange marching bands ever since.

Party Photo from the year 2000.

L-R: John B., Mary E., Jim, John O. Gerrish, Cathy Ryan, Werner von Trapp

Picnic at Lake Champlain, June 19, 2010

L-R: Jim Gerrish, John O. Gerrish, Mary Gerrish, Lizzie Ryan, Al-Quadir Marsh


Family members who spot errors or ommissions, please contact Jim Gerrish. Anyone who attended the party and who has additional photos, video and information either of a historic nature or about the party, please e-mail them to Jim Gerrish.

On November 29th, 2010, Pop passed away quietly in his sleep. Hold fast to the happy memories of events like his 100th birthday party celebration and his music to remember him by.

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