Wiz Kid Unicycle Practice May, 2008

L-R: Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki, Wiz Kid Director Frederick Goode, Wiz Kid Zeus. The Wiz Kids are preparing to ride their unicycles in the East Orange Memorial Day Parade on Monday, May 26, 2008. Some of the Wiz Kids will also be marching in the East Orange Unified Marching Band under the leadership of the marching band director, Frederick Goode. Whether he will be on his unicycle or not, we will just have to wait and see!

Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki meets the challenge of the cones, weaving in and out around them as he rides.

Once you learn to unicycle, you keep the skills for life, as Wiz Kid Fred demonstrates.

L-R: Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki, Wiz Kid Frederick Goode. Wiz Kid Director Frederick Goode awards Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki his own personal unicycle after he earned it by riding completely around the track at Watsessing Park in East Orange, NJ, in a time of four minutes on April 12. 2008.

Photos taken by The Wiz Kids, Inc. ( http://www.wizkidzinc.com ) contact: wizkidzinc@yahoo.com

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