About Me

In the photo to the right you see me doing magic. I also like to make my own magic tricks. You can find some of my magic trick inventions at The Magic Nook Web site.

The photo at the right is from my Halloween Magic show that I performed at local parties and libraries when I was 16.

You can see more current photos of me on the Wiz Kid Web site and on my personal Wiz Kid page. As you can see there, I like to unicycle and juggle (sometimes at the same time!). I also like to ride my Rip-Stick.


Thank You, Irvington Library! It was a great Story Hour/ End of Summer Party you held this afternoon, and I enjoyed being part of it!


Thank You, East Orange Public Library! I hope you and your young readers enjoyed watching my magic show as much as I enjoyed performing it!

I am currently at work on my Halloween Spooky-Fiki Show for October!

In the picture to the left you see me as a super hero and my little brother as my sidekick. We just finished performing a trick from a book I am writing called "Super Hero Magic." It is on magicnook.com and should be ready for publication in 2011.

I am also writing a book on "Escapes For Teens" which will also be published in 2011. My book on "Magic Storybook Stories" will probably be finished in late 2011 or early 2012.

Meanwhile, You can buy copies of my first book "Go Fish Card Tricks" which was published in 2010 and is for sale as a printed book from Lulu.com, and as an e-Book on The Magic Nook.


Thanks to the Irvington Library for inviting me to their "Meet The Authors" day. I hope everyone there had as much fun as I did! The photo shows a new trick I was trying out for the first time in public, called "Fish or Cut Bait."

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