Qua-Fiki the Magic Man

Thanks for visiting my Magic Web Site.

I decided to become a magician in 2008, when I joined The Wiz Kids and took Qua-Fiki as my magic name.

As you can see, I make many of my own magic tricks and props myself. More of my magic tricks are shown below. I write and sell e-Books in how to make and perform my tricks on The Magic Nook Web site.

I recently moved to the Fayetteville area in North Carolina, where I perform magic at birthday parties, library story hours, family reunion parties, and any place people are having fun. My prices are very reasonable and depend on how long you want me to perform. I can perform stand-up shows, as well as close-up shows, walk-arounds and table-hopping. I also make balloon animals.

If you want to contact me for business purposes, please e-mail me at:

quafiki (at symbol) yahoo DOT com

Or call

For Business ONLY! (973) 432-6209

I will be posting new photos of me performing in North Carolina very soon!

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